One of the tasks of the DAG Siegerland-Wittgenstein is to support partnerships of towns, schools and associations with the corresponding organizations in the USA.

Currently there are no official partnerships.

Usually town twinning in the USA is realized by so-called Non-Profit-Organizations. More than 680 U.S. communities are members of the SCI (Sister Cities International). Altogether there are more than 1,455 twinnings with U.S. communities, amongst them 36% with European cities followed by Asia/Oceania with 30%. With German cities there are 111 twinnings.

The DAG Siegerland-Wittgenstein is in touch with the ASCA – Anaheim Sister Cities Association and with the City of Anaheim in California near LA (, founded in 1857 by Germans, as well as the  Phoenix-Club Inc in Orange County, a German-American cultural association.

A mutual partnership is desired.

For further information about Orange-County the following links may be helpful: