“Talking English” im November (DAG SIWI)

"Talking English" im November (DAG SIWI)


19:00 - 22:00


Clubzimmer der Siegerlandhalle
Koblenzer Straße 151, Siegen, 57072


US-Flag Every first Wednesday of the month the DAG-SiWi e.V. organizes the “Talking
English” meeting. It’s an informal gathering of people of all ages and from all walks
of life interested in talking English in a pleasantly open and informal circle. It’s open
to everybody willing to practice (again) – or brush up on – his or her English. Maybe
you are a student in a secondary school or at university, maybe you’ve lived in the
USA for some time and would like to meet people with similar interests in topics
revolving around culture, lifestyle, politics, and society. Often it is about the USA or
other English-speaking countries. However, we have opened up the range of topics to
include everything that we are interested in talking about!
Each evening has got a main topic, which the moderator has roughly outlined and
prepared for by means of texts or other media. However, the dynamics of lively
discussions will develop through active participation of all members. On some nights,
a native speaker or insightful returnees from the US are invited to convey the “latest
gossip” from the New World. Come and join us! Spread the news!

For any questions contact the moderator Volker Schüttenhelm
Phone: 0271-2386826 or E-Mail: info@dagsiwi.de


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